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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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when the men drove away stephen tanabe was there to arrest them for drunk driving. tanabe was hired by private investigator christopher butler to make the dui arrest. butler was hired by the ex-wives. if the allegations prove true, the tie case against the men -- the dui cases against the men could be dismissed. >> sounds fraudulent to me that they set up these decoys. >> all tied to the same cnet scandal that landed norman welsh in jail. tanabe faces charges of weapons possession and conspiracy to sell drugs. they're accused of stealing
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drugs from evidence and selling them. defense attorney michael cardoza represents welsh. >> we were involved with certain things. my client will stand up to those charges and will do the right thing at the right time. but he wasn't involved with everything. >> reporter: the private investigator mike spencer referred cases to butler because of his ability to work with video technology. the allegation shocked spencer and said they of decoys is frowned upon. >> it's rare in the business. if it makes you feel weird in your gut or if it would wind up in court, it's sort of a questionable method. >> reporter: as the scandal widens, there may be something good come from it. >> a huge deterrent value and cops won't do this if they think they can be arrested and thrown in james it's no fun to be a cop in jail. >> reporter: butler and welsh
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are out on bail. tan unanimous bay is -- tanabe is in. >> on over $200,000 bail. four other officers are reportedly being investigated for the ties to butler. >> alan: now on to the rain. not a big storm but enough to keep the streets wet. it also brought out a parade of umbrellas, as you can see here on union square in san francisco. let's go to leigh glaser. >> leigh: this storm him system continuing to bring moisture across the bay area. much of this has been in the north bay. light amounts, less than a half inch. san jose only a trace amount of precipitation. you can see it moving its way actually moving north and then rotating back towards the west, and novato seeing the rain. american canyon, benecia, concord. oakley, antioch, and brentwood
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reporting light rain. and milpitas and san jose, very little moisture right now. that will pick up a little a little overnight tonight. >> alan: we're not sure if this next story is whether-related but a jackknifed big rig caused a major backup all morning and into the afternoon on the san francisco approach to the bay bridge. a safeway truck crashed just after 8:00 a.m., blocking three lanes of the lower deck. the front end of the rig was heavily damaged and the drier had to be -- driver had be to pulled out. caltrans used sand to clean up the fuel leak. traffic was back to normal by 1:30. in the last two weeks the average price for regular gallon is up 33-cents a gallon. the second biggest tries
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increase on record, surpassed only by the jump after hurricane katrina. in south san francisco, we spotted premium gas as high as 4.60. the white house is concerned the soaring gas prices to slow the economic recovery and could dip into reserves. >> the issue of reserve is is something we're considering, something that is done on very rare occasions. there's a bunch of factors that have to be looklook at. >> alan: diesel is up an average of 29-cents a gallon. gas in san francisco is 3.94. the record high over $4 set in june of 2008. when the price of fuel rises, the thrifty get busy. there's some things you can do to save gas courtesy of the walls "wall street journal" shop around.
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prices near the freeway are higher. take heavy stuff out of your car. use cruise control. and avoid idling or stop and go situations, which eat up the gas. there was a surprising sight on the pebble beach golf links, the bomb squad was dispatched where someone reported a suspicious device that looked like two pipe bombs taped together. deputies found the device at the base of a 40-foot cliff near the ninth hole. police are not saying what it is. there was other deadly crash early this morning in contra costa county. the chp says a 22-year-old fremont woman was killed when her car veered into oncoming traffic. the crash involved five vehicles on vacaville road near livermore. the other drivers considered
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themselves lucky they weren't injured. >> car swerved in my lane. couldn't avoid it. i swerved off to the side of the road, and the car hit my left rear end. cops -- consequently i flipped and ended in the ditch. >> alan: investigators are looking into whether alcohol or drugs were factor in that crash. and take a look at this. after a driver crashed his car into a fire hydrant in san francisco this morning. a fountain of water shot 60 feet into the air. police found the driver around the corner on howard street. he wasn't injured but police arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving. the control valve had been paved over so city crews had a tough time shutting the water off. the state department is
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warning americans about traveling to another nation. and fear fighting is moving closer to the theol in -- the capitol, universities that have no purpose except to bring illegal immigrants into the united states, senator
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>> alan: the con flick in yemen escalated. protesters were killed. this caps weeks of protesters demanding the president step down. yemen has been struggling with one of the world's most active al qaeda branches. americans are beings a side not to travel to that country and are asking family members of u.s. embassy staff to leave. >> cities east and west of libya's of libya'sol were under fire as rebels were pounded with rockets. >> reporter: fierce battles raged on sunday as rebel fighters, pushing westward towards tripoli, were met by air attract and ground forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. >> bombs and bullets, and we were trying to escape and come back. i was begging everybody to give
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me a ride. it was scary. >> reporter: the front line now appears to lie between two 20/20 two towns. we were eventually turned around by rebels, telling us it was too dangerous to proceed. we heard from them that a massacre was taking place in one town. that gadhafi's troops were firing into civilian areas. in tripoli, one city still firmfully gadhafi's grip, residents awoke to gunfire. according to libyan authorities, it was sell brat -- sell -- in celebration. residents say the opposition remains in control. libya's oil production is crippled, and although the united states has moved military forces closer to the shore, it
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has not pushed for a no-fly zone. >> alan: in the u.s., hundreds rallied in new york today, some for and some against an up coming hearing on muslim americans and homegrown terrorism. the head of the house committee that is holding the hearing about muslim americans not cooperating enough with law enforcement to counter this. the first muslim elected to come feels the hearing could make things worse. >> i don't want them to be able to stand up and claim, we told you, america is at war with islam. that's one of the main recruiting arguments. >> alan: more than 100 enter faith, nonprofit, and governmentality organizations protested the hearing. another group held a rally in support of king's hearing. senator dianne feinstein and three other u.s. senators are asking immigration officials for an immediate crack dowb --
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crackdown on the use of illegal visas by sham universities. it allows terrorists to illegal enter the united states. one university in pleasant ton, more than 1500 students enrolled. she says the schools are a clear and immediate threat to our national security. up next, we're not out of the clouds just yet. leigh glaser coming up to tell us more about our forecast. rick: coming up in sports, tim lincecum was on the mound. we show you how he did.
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>> alan: the space shuttleshutle has bid farewell to the international space station for the final time. it was the last voyage into spas. the two crews said goodbye after more than a week together. discovery is set to land on wednesday and then will be retired and sent to its permanent home in the signature -- smithsonian. a earthquake erupted off the coast of humboldt county. the quake was centered 70 miles southwest of eureka. no reports of damages, and the police department says it did not receive any calls.
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>> alan: leigh, you're probably wondering when this is going to go away. >> leigh: in the last couple hours the clouds are moving in. the high definition camera on the sutro tower there, looking down on market street. you can barely see it. a heavy mist and drizzle across much of the bay area today. although i have to brag on monterey. the peninsula saw sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s. they were spared all the moisture today, and actually enjoyed a delightful sunday. live doppler 7hd still picking up rain bands, american canyon, novato, most of this moisture very, very light. we're also seeing the heavy mist and drizzle. rain in alamo, san ramon, and concord. and it's moving to the north and to the west.
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temperatures right now, mild. in the 50s. 56 san francisco 59, redwood city. san jose and fairfield, 66. so we'll continue with showers and mist and drizzle overnight. a cooler night this evening. cooler and windy for your monday, and then we'll bring in another slight chance of a shower in the north bias we head -- north bay as we head into tuesday. this where is the low is. the low has that counterclockwise spin. i'll spin it one more time. you can clearly see that. these rain bands that are filtering in and rotating back towards the coast, that's going to push to the south, and it will tack the moisture with it. until that happens, we'll continue to just get these bands of moisture moving across the bay area. by 10:00 tonight we should start to see this unwind a little bit and head towards the south. tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. commute, not picking up any rain, although we could still have heavy mist and drizzle out
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there so be advised of that. and throughout the course of the day, we should see partial clearing. the exception it the forecast model wants to bring another system into main through north bay monday night and tuesday. so we'll keep a watch on that. in the sierra, we have winter weather advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning. five to ten inches of snow at the 7,000 if the level, and right enough it's raining at blue canyon so the snow levels well be coming down. lows tonight in the 40s across the region, and highs tomorrow much lime take. 59 for san jose, 55 for pacifica. redwood city tomorrow, 59. san francisco, may see a little sunshine. 57. a chance of shower in the north bay. east bay, oakland, 59. 59 for fremont. interior east bay, maybe some drizzle tomorrow morning and partial afternoon clearing.
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a 59 for con cord. danville, 58. the northwest winds are going to pick up near the coast. accuweather seven-day forecast. chance of showers tuesday, wednesday looks terrific. temperatures near 70 degrees. and then we'll keep a chance thursday, friday, north bay, and remember,. next weekend, we return to daylight saving time. so it's time too spring forward. >> alan: rick is in for shu today. last time we talked? the warriors were in overtime. rick: final seconds of overtime. not the ending we wanted. the warriors continue their seven-game road trip in philadelphia. they need overtime to decide the contest. the sixers have been one of the hottest teams in the league, going 11-4 in the last month. young with the one-handed thunder. the sixers led by as much as 18. steph curry with the drive and the foul.
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in the third, more from curry. drawing the foul. gets the crazy left-handed shot to fall. he had 22. the warriors go in front. butting dolla came -- but iguodala came up clutch. the sixers led by four with 14 seconds left. the warrors wouldn't fold. ellis with the quick pullup three. a one-point game. after two sixer free-throws, elis ties it. 18 of his 27 in the fourth. they went to overtime in o.t. 40 second left. warars down by three. their defense let them down. evan turner all alone for the easy layup. warriors lose in overtime. >> the west coast conference tournament semifinals are underway. st. mary's and santa clara. the broncos up by one. later in the half. the nice flip to tim williams. right now, mid-way in the second
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half, the gaels lead it. in cactus league play, tim lincecum took the mound against seattle and struck out seven, but he had a little trouble. the mariners loaded the bases with one out in the third, but lincecum got out of the jam thanks to pair of strikeouts. he threw 3-2/3 shutout innings. tejada had a big hit in the bottom half, ripping this pitch to the left center field wall, 3-0. san francisco add two more in the fifth as asker -- as buster posey goes the opposite way. he is batting .643 thing this spring. >> in phoenix the a's hosting the brewers. gonzalez got the start. he struck out five in three scoreless dispraims did not allow a his. former cal bear tyson ross is competing for the fifth starting
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job. ross had four ks and three shutout innings. the a's break a scoreless tie in the sixth. carter made it 1-0. oakland beats the brouwers 5-4. it was split squad dudey -- duty for oakland in pea ore ramp the a's lost to the padres 7-6. >> final round of the honda classic, rory sabbatini had a lead but y. e. yang would make him work for the title. sabbatini fell to 8-under. yang would try to take advantage on the first hole of what they call the bear trap, the 15th, 16th, and 17th holes. yang with a sensational shot. sets up a birdie, which left him one off the lead. but sabbatini regained control.
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on 18 he taps in for par ask the victory. finished 9-under. one better than young. his sixth pga tour victory, the nascar race at las vegas, the day belonged to carl edwards. he held off tony stewart to take the checkered flag. 19th victory of his career. did his trademark flip off his car. >> alan: incredible. coming up tonight at 11:00, we show you how the dons do against gonzaga, and johnny depp's talking chameleon in a face off for top of the box office.
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>> alan: johnny depp's animated flick, "rango," won the box office this weekend. it earned 38 million decide in
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its debut. it's followed by the adjustment bureau, which earned just under 21 million. and rounding out to top three is beastly which earned $10 million. coming up at 11:00, people are camping out to get a permit to run a gourmet food truck in san francisco. thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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